I am a university student majoring in International Relations, with a focus in gender studies, an interest in health care, a love of writing and a computer running FOSS software. I  am very interested in the potential for technology to impact medical services in developing areas. I’m really excited to be involved with OPW Summer 2013, as a documentation intern with OpenMRS.

OPW, the Outreach Program for Women, is sponsored by the GNOME foundation in an effort to involve more self-identified women, genderqueer and genderfluid people in the Free and Open Source Software community. The program is similar to Google Summer of Code, though it accepts not only coders, but developers in other areas, such as documentation, art, marketing and design. OPW partners with several FOSS projects to provide internships throughout the year.

I’m going to be working with OpenMRS, a medical informatics platform that provides database software to resource-constrained environments. OpenMRS is being used around the world, and is made up of a dedicated team of volunteers with backgrounds from computer scientist to medical professional. I’m thrilled to be a part of such an amazing community, and working on a project that touches all of my interests.