Update from the World of Docs

by evoeges

A lot has happened these past two weeks, most of it revolving around opening up my current work to the OpenMRS community for review, feedback and critique. I also met Ellen Ball, one of my mentors! It was great to see her in person and put a face to all of our email/IM/video/voice conversations.

I finished the Style Guide- it includes a section for conceptual writing tips (such as layout, style, etc) and a section for technical writing tips (spelling, punctuation, etc). A lot of the information for this guide came from reading through style guides for other organizations (especially GNOME and Atlaissan.) The guide’s rough draft is available here:
It’s ready and waiting for feedback!

I also updated the module documentation template, adding a few more sections (Ownership- who can be contacted to discuss the module? FAQ, and where to direct further questions) and altering a few others (the beginner explanation is now ‘How it Works’ and the advanced explanation is now ‘Technical Explanation’). A lot of great feedback has been coming in, so I’ll be updating it again this week and tweaking it based on suggestions.

I’m still sorting through the current documentation and labelling based on the level of work each page needs. Labels for pages are Red, Yellow and Green and pages can be aggregated based on their labels for easy organization.
I’m also trying to add comments to pages to explain what I think most needs to be improved.

Screenshot from 2013-08-18 15:31:45

Upcoming: the first implementation of the Documentation Template! As I sort through pages, I’m on the lookout for a good page(s) to update to the Template and use as example documentation pages.